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Double Field Trial Win In Maine!

DJ wins the Springer Open FT, plus he received the Gunners Award.

Waylon wins the Cocker Open FT, plus he received the Gunners Award

for that day and one for the whole weekend.

Waylon also placed 4th the next day in the second Cocker field trial.

The owners of each dog were over the moon with excitement.

Made our long drive back to Georgia pretty darn nice!

Congratulations To All!!

Rich & Sarah who own DJ drove up from Boston that day to see DJ run in the trial. They got there as DJ is going to the 3rd series. Can you say perfect timing! They were trying to hang back in the gallery so DJ didn't see them, making sure he would have a good run and boy did he... His run was so fantastic! Our hearts were going so fast, and then we had to wait for placements..

I captured some family moments before Mom and Dad drove back to Boston with ribbons and trophy, but no dog.. DJ was heading back to Georgia for more training. So happy to have our boy DJ back with us in training. A Dudley boy mind you all.

Waylon is newer to the field trails and doing a great job I must say. His owner Robert who is from Georgia has run Waylon in two Amateur field trials. This day was Todd's second time running him in the open Cocker field trials. I hear there is talk that Waylon might be going to the Cocker Nationals.. Oh boy so fun!

Here is our happy boy DJ supporting his favorite dog food!

Go Team Eukanuba!!


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