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E-Collar Pressure

This is Miles. He was on display a lot at our recent training seminar and although he did a great job as a puppy that has never been corrected, we were able to show many things that were “signs” that it was time to move on with Phase Two. We started to e-collar condition him this week and he has the basics of kennel down and we have added a single board. We just moved on to multiple locations for the kennel and the board. There are three video clips.

The first video is the start of drills and you can see he has it down and his casual attitude illustrates his comfort with the drill.

The second video shows a little hiccup we had when the lead got caught around his legs. We are not going to hurt him with it wrapped but we are not going to help. He still needs to go to work. As we go to the board, he balks using the lead as an excuse. I correct (my arm is raised to illustrate when I am stimulating) and he complies.

The third video is immediately after the second video and shows that when applied correctly, the correction has no lasting negative effect.


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