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Highlights from the English Cocker Spaniel Nationals!

Todd and Kaya recently received a certificate of merit (CM) at the Open Cocker Spaniel Nationals in Missouri. This was Kaya's first time participating in the Nationals, and she is owned by Anthony and Cheryl. 🏆🐾


A Big Congratulations To Alan, Anthony & Louise

This year, the cockers belonging to Alan, Anthony, and Louise successfully qualified to participate in the Amateur English Cocker National Championship. While Alan had previously competed at the Nationals, this marked the first time for Anthony and Louise.

This is a great achievement for you all, you have worked hard throughout the year to reach this point. Make sure you keep up your efforts so you can qualify for the Cocker Nationals next year.


Congratulations To David & Bailee On Their High Point Award!

David & Bailee had the most points during the year in the Amateur Cocker.

Great Job David!!



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