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News In The Field & More!


Congratulations to Braker & Todd

Braker won the open at the Ohio Valley Field Trial

Braker now has his FC Title

Congratulations to Ms. Susan who is still in CO

and we heard her all the way in GA yelling with so much excitement!!


There seems to be a common theme here lately!!!

Congratulations Lucy & Todd

Lucy received second place in the open at the Ohio Valley Field Trial

Congratulations to Mr. Bob

Lucy Goose did it again!!!


Developing Your Spaniel Online Dog Training Course

Creating A Problem-Solver is an opportunity to access the first portion of our educational seminar material online. You will learn the importance of shaping behaviors, allowing your dog to make choices, developing a dog that will go to work, and getting your dog off to a good start without pressure.



T - Teach The Task

R - Reward The Behavior

I - Increase The Expectation

P - Polish The Behavior Through Repetition


Owning a dog means you're a dog trainer. Like me, you may find this a daunting realization. A wonderful thing about Todd Agnew of Craney Hill Kennel is that he is an expert at explaining how dogs communicate. By using his method, even a novice can understand how to communicate with, and train, their own dog at a very high level. Communication is mostly nonverbal, so it must be observed to be understood. Craney Hill Forum is a series of narrated videos that demonstrate and explain nonverbal communication. I'm pleased with my dog. My efforts paid off. I'm enjoying the benefits. The Craney Hill Forum and Todd Agnew were instrumental to my success.




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