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North Carolina Field Trial!

We want to thank the Central Maine Spaniel Club for hosting its field trial in Southport, NC. As this is our closest field trial, it was an opportunity for a large group to participate. We had people in our group from Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina in attendance.

The weekend was a big hit with an Open Springer, Amateur Springer, two Open Cockers and both puppy stakes on the schedule. We were fortunate to get third place with Riot in the open, Betsey got the Gun’s Award with Pants in the Amateur, we won the puppy stake with River and Jeff got second place in the puppy stake with Dessa in his first trial! Additionally, Betsey with Pants, Donnie with Alice and Carl with Iris were all in the third series of the Amateur and finished the trial. Very good job!

The club provided challenging courses and birds and no shortage of quail in addition to the intended hunt for pheasant and chukar. Hospitality made a reappearance at a weekend trial in the form of a meet/greet on Friday that was very well attended and a banquet that was hosted by the Tea Cup Ladies on Saturday and was attended by almost 100 people!

The club, other professional handlers, other amateur handlers, helpers, landowners and community deserve a huge thank you for putting on such an enjoyable event and positive atmosphere. Thank you to everyone.

River 1st Place Puppy

Handled by Todd Agnew


Dessa 2nd Place Puppy

Handled by Jeff Keller (1st FT)

Brother & Sister

Riot 3rd Place Open

Handled by Todd Agnew


After a very busy weekend us gals needed a day at the spa!!

Thank you ladies for a very special day!



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