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Prescribed Fire On The Farm!

Prescribed fire is safe way to apply a natural process, ensure ecosystem health and reduce wildfire risk on public and private lands. Also called prescribed or controlled burning, prescribed fire involves trained agency professionals, contractors and private landowners burning an area under a set of specific fuel and weather conditions called a prescription. For eons, fires sparked by lightning strikes helped shape Georgia’s woodlands. Many habitats and the plants and animals that depend on them require regular fires. These areas vary from longleaf pine savannas and herbaceous bogs in south Georgia to oak-hickory forests and high-elevation balds in the mountains. Rare wildlife including pitcherplants, gopher tortoises and red-cockaded woodpeckers need such fire-adapted habitats. Quail, wild turkeys and other game animals also benefit. Without fire, trees and brush grow too thick, shading out plants on the forest floor and limiting which animals and plants can thrive there. Prescribed fire also consumes downed limbs, dead trees and other flammable fuels, lowering wildfire risks and protecting Georgians from catastrophic fires and smoke.


Many prescribed fires to restore habitats are done in winter and early spring, the dormant season. These burns typically focus on reducing a forest’s fuel load. Areas that have not been burned in a long time require special attention when reintroducing fire. Growing-season burns are done in late spring and summer. They mimic the lightning-strike fires that happened historically in Georgia. A combination of dormant- and growing-season burns is important in restoring native habitats.


Love Notes From Our Clients!!

There is no doubt that Todd and Christina of Craney Hill Kennel are the best of the best. They bring unparalleled knowledge, expertise, wisdom, and care to the development of spaniels. As a result of their expertise and guidance, we are constantly learning and growing with our dogs.

It has been five years since we purchased our first cocker spaniel puppy!!

We were new to everything, and we needed the same kind of training as our puppy. To begin with, Todd taught us the basics of dog training, and as our knowledge of the subject grew, so did our dog's. As a result, we began competing in field trials with our dog as well as discovering a passion for hunting with our dog.

As members of the Craney Hill family, we are still learning as we progress along this journey. The development of a spaniel involves balancing the needs of our dogs and their training with our personal lives and enjoyment of them. Todd and Christina strive to achieve the results they do in our pups out of a commitment, there are no shortcuts to success. It is Todd's philosophy to put the interests of the dog first in all that he does. We learn how to maintain our dogs' training at home, become responsible hunters and handlers, and develop as competitors in field trials as owners of dogs in the Craney Hill program. We formed a partnership out of our mutual love for spaniels.

The opportunity to be a part of this special program is extremely rewarding for us. No matter what type of dog you are seeking, Craney Hill Kennel is able to meet your needs, whether it is a first-rate hunting dog, an upcoming field champion, or a well-rounded spaniel.

There is more to platinum than just platinum... Craney Hill Platinum is the real deal!

BTW, we now own two cockers and one springer!! Our family of dogs seems to be growing!!

Our sincere appreciation extends out to Todd and Christina.

Cheryl & Anthony - The Humans, Gunner - The Original Cocker, Kaya - The Second White Devil Cocker, & Chance - The Only Springer


Congratulations To David & Bailee!!

Bailee Won The Amateur At The Fox Valley English Cocker Spaniel FT

Awesome job David, Keep At It!!



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