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Tea Cup Ladies At The Field Trials!

The Tea Cups fly from Georgia to Wisconsin!!

Their first trial was at the Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Club. Susan running Braker and Louise running Bonnie in the Amateur Stake. As always when the Tea Cups are around there is plenty of laughter, and Aha moments. Mostly laughing!!

Well, both ladies and dogs did a great job in the field. We and the judges had to remind them to stay on their course. They like to wander a bit!! In all we are so happy for them, they finished two series of this trial. They were still smiling as if they finished 3 series!!

Off they went back to Georgia!!


The Tea Cups drive up to Jackson, MI for the Southern Michigan Spaniel Club Field Trial.

At this trial Susan is running our dog Dudley. She broke Braker, just kidding.. Braker is young so we do not want to over run him in the field trials. Louise is back and running Bonnie.

Again, more laughing and Aha moments!! Dudley was like great game on Susan!!

I will not bore you with the play by play of their run but I will say it was pretty awesome in the 2nd series the gals were brace mates. To see both of these ladies going down the field together just warmed my heart. So you guessed it, they finished the second series, but not called back to the 3rd.. Again, they were smiling with excitement! Now it's time to go Grouse hunting with the Tea Cups, their spouses and the rest of the Tea Cup gang!!

Gitty Up!!



Let us show you how to develop a relationship with your spaniel.

A relationship that will last a life time.


Todd’s methods for spaniel training get results. My English Cocker Spaniel, Kermit, has spent time with Todd to get some key parts of his training completed. The rest of his training was done (and is still being done) by me. Todd, has been “with me” every step of the way, offering advice and suggesting things to work on at home. The result so far is a very good hunting dog, a Master Level hunt test achiever, and a contender in cocker spaniel field trials. Hopefully, we will soon get some placements and qualify for the National Championship. I believe that we will. On top of all that, Kermit is an excellent family dog and sleeps on the bed every night. Could not be happier with Todd and Christina for the training and support we have received.

Alan Barnes


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