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Tea Cuppers Come Grouse Hunting!

Marie, Susan, Gigi, Carolyn, Louise and Caroline

The organization of these wonderful ladies can be challenging at times, but we succeeded in getting them focused for their journey into the woods.

Despite Todd's challenges for a few days, he survived with the help of his favorite scotch, Dalmore 12.

It was Chris, Donnie & Robert who served as our gunners for this Grouse/Woodcock adventure, along with Todd as fill-in when necessary. That means when someone was missing birds his gun came out!!

We all had a fabulous time together and the stories were over flowing with joy and excitement. There were many first time moments in the woods for many of these ladies. It is a time of year when the colors of the fall leaves as well as the scents and sounds of fresh fallen leaves are quite magnificent.

First Morning Meeting

It was a frosty start!!

First woodcock for Marie & Hawk!!!

Our gunner Chris did a fantastic job bringing it down..

Louise & Meg with a woodcock!

Louise's husband Chris was the fantastic gunner..

What a great memory!

Carolyn, Susan & Caroline

Look at these lovely ladies working with their dogs in the woods...

Just warms my heart!

Great Job Susan & Braker

Carolyn & Martin

Tea Cuppers Founding Members Susan & Louise!

The Tea Cuppers Group is growing!!

We look forward to next year Y'all!!

Keep at it!

Thank you all so much!

We enjoy every moment with each and everyone of you!

Todd & Christina

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