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Tea Cuppers Go North!!

The group headed to Maine for the springer and cocker trials that finish out the spring season. Aside from some difficulties with service at restaurants, it was a wonderful weekend and the group had a lot of positive things happen.

We were fortunate to have a couple of dogs in the third series of the Springer Open and won with DJ. He also got the Gun’s Award for the Open Springer and the Overall Gun’s Award for the weekend.

In the Cocker Amateur, Anthony had a good go for a bit with his young dog that has a lot of promise, Jeff F. had a nice run with his little cocker that opened up for him, and Louise had some good stuff with Meg. Everyone had a much better understanding of what was happening than in the past! Progress.

In the Springer Amateur, Susan had a quick, but excitable, go with her dog and is seeing more out ahead of her. Donnie had a quick go with one dog but finished with Alice (no placement), which is becoming common. Tanner ran his first trial with his young dog and got some exposure. Jeff K. Ran his third trial and continues to gain experience. Cheryl ran her first trial with Pants and finished but no placement. Finally, Caroline came up to see her first trial and play with puppies.

The members of the Central Maine Spaniel Club went overboard to welcome our large group, be supportive and all that warm and fuzzy stuff. The group continues to improve, learn their dogs and how the field trials work. It is a group with limited experience with the most experienced having run trials for only the past 18 months. As such, it is a joy to see their enthusiasm and positive energy. It takes time but they are working hard…onward to the fall!

Susan & Braker!!

The Craney Hill Group!!

Awesome job everyone!!

Your efforts make this so much fun!!

Well done!!


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