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Central Maine FT In NC? Tea Cuppers? Plus MO FT!!

We have a lot to share with you in this blog post!

It is with great appreciation that we thank Jim and everyone in his group for putting on the Central Maine FT in North Carolina. Getting together with all of you was a great pleasure. Additionally, we would like to thank all of our friends for contributing to the successful organization of this year's banquet. We would like to extend a special thank you to Ms. Susan and Ms. Louise!! This beautiful banquet was the culmination of many months of planning and preparation. Our location was different this year, but it was just as wonderful as last year. It was a pleasure to listen to the music, and the flower arrangements were stunning.

Todd, the dog trainer and leader of Craney Hill, even wore a special outfit to commemorate this memorable occasion. Moreover, Todd would like to ensure a certain someone named Joel is once again informed that he lost the bet!! Till next year Joel!!

Fun Times With Special Friends!

It’s because of these special people why we have so much fun!!

It’s The Tea Cuppers & More!!

I think everyone wanted their photo taken with Todd!! LOL

River takes second place in the open with Todd!

Congratulations to his owners Tanner & Reagan

You have a special boy!!

These puppies did a fantastic job in their first puppy stake at the Central Maine FT!

Frasier and his owner Jeff did an awesome job! Congratulations on your third place.

More fun to come for this team!

Martin and Todd also did a great job together, they received fourth place.

Congratulations to Ms. Carolyn on her puppy. Wish Y’all could of been there to watch.

These puppies had so much fun!

Congratulations to all of our Amateurs that ran in the cocker and springer trials in NC..

Y’all did a great job!! Another learning experience under your belt...

Keep at it!!


Missouri Spaniel Field Trial Club

Chance & Todd get first place in the open at the MO Spaniel FT

Congratulations to his owner Cheryl and yes to us, another dinner out!!

A very special boy! Dudley son….

Lucy & Todd also get second place in the open at the MO Spaniel FT

Congratulations to her owner Mr. Bob.. Another fine photo of this gal!!

I have special tricks up my sleeves!! LOL


A special moment with a very special dog, our Ri Ri!!

2018 Open National Champion - Riot

Betsey makes her way down from NY every Spring for a visit in the warm south.

She is told each time that she comes down, no Riot, no visit!!

We cherish every moment that we are able to spend with Riot…



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