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Developing Spaniels Is Our Passion!

We have a proven and verifiable record of developing English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels to the highest level in the most challenging and competitive area; AKC Spaniel Field Trials. All of our field trial dogs hunt wild game annually. This is not for a few days or a week. We pack up and head north and/or west for one to two months chasing wild game. These are our training grounds. As a matter of fact, it was the only training we did leading up to winning the 2018 National Open Championship with Riot. The owner’s success in attaining their respective goals is the most important thing to us, whatever those goals are. Your goals do not need to be our goals. We work for you/with you on what your wishes are. Developing your English Springer Spaniel or English Cocker Spaniel is relatively easy. It just takes patience and a lot of time. However, developing the owner is more problematic due to the owner’s limited time and/or expertise. This is our job and our responsibility to figure it out. We can provide significant verification and references of “above and beyond” effort we put forth to ensure your success through education and “on the ground” learning to give you and your spaniel the greatest probability of success.


Sweet Missy!!

Dixie x DJ Puppy

First Day of Summer, 2022

Dear Christina and Todd,

Summer is officially here, and we're having a blast. As you suggested, we've been taking it slowly, enjoying every minute. Missy is, far and away, the best dog I've ever owned, can't

believe it took me so long to buy her. She can play for long periods--retrieve and give like nobody's business, goes right into the water without hesitation-and settles down when it's time.

Last night my daughter and her dog arrived for a week's long visit. Typically cautious for a bit, Missy was soon chasing around having canine fun with everyone. We're heading out in

a bit for our morning adventure. I enclose the registration for the seminar in January. I'd like to bring Missy along if there's room.

Your friend and biggest fan,


Best decision I ever made was to commit to owning Missy. She is perfect!



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