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Field Trial Dogs Should Hunt

Here are two videos of 2018 NFC & 2019 NAFTCH Crosswind's Comic Relief (Riot). The first is him on vacation in the Third Series of a field trial on Saturday and the second is him back at work grouse hunting on Monday, albeit a little open cover so you can see him. Field trials were originally created to test the best working dogs for future breedings. In my opinion, we need to go back to the field trial dogs working for a living and being less of a field trial specialist. This would solve so many issues we see in field trial dogs. Hunting dogs have issues as well; however, the field trials should pick the best hunting dog, not reward specialists of a game. No event is perfect. This is not a knock on the field trials in concept. It is an opinion that we need to go back to testing the dogs in real hunting cover as compared to sanitized fields.


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