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Field Trial Puppy Stake!

Congratulations to Susan and Braker!

Susan ran Braker in his second field trial puppy stake at the Central Virginia Club and they received a second place. Such exciting times for this team. Great job Susan and keep at it.

Here is Susan's story about her run with Braker.

My puppy experience! Like everyone else, I take to the line with my dog thinking we are going to do ‘all’ of the things we’re supposed to do and do them well, even at puppy.

But now I think maybe I should kick it back a notch and at least achieve the basic objectives.

I knew my boy wasn’t covering the ground properly, and I didn’t think he was responding to my whistle. Shut up? Keep trying?

First a trap. Did I really lunge for the retrieve? Sigh. He was ‘on’ the second pigeon ultimate bumping it. Steady on the shot turning to mark that bird. Drove hard and straight to the retrieve. Sloppy delivery. Did I signal and ‘cause’ that with body language and nerves???

On to a third bird and once again a bump, steady on the gun, and a hard drive to the downed bird and again a sloppy delivery.

The judge’s perspective....I had a wonderful chat with my judge after the ribbons. I think the basic deciding factor that gave another dog first place was that other dog’s find of the nest and subsequent flush. The find. I don’t know, but I kinda think the delivery stuff would have been secondary if I had given my boy the opportunity to show his nose. Wow. Todd says it’s all about ground coverage and finding birds. Truth. The judge liked his ‘pattern’ which I knew was abysmal. Hmmm.

Stay tuned. We’re going to do this again. Keep it simple.

Focus. Maybe even breathe.


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