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Good Morning America!

A very tough start to this year's National Open Championship. There were 24 out of the first 92 dogs lost in the first series, a very high ratio, but 68 got through so I am sure someone will ultimately win! We lost Riot and Dudley but Dibbs got through. Although it was a tough start, there was a civility among the participants that I believe has been missing the past few years. I had a number of very pleasant conversations with some of my peers and there seemed to be genuine well wishes by everyone towards the competition. Clearly everyone wants to win. However, it was just a friendlier atmosphere and one that I hope will continue to foster competition within the confines of proper behavior. Maybe the pandemic has caused all of us to reflect. Maybe we are all just happy to be outside competing again. Maybe I am out of my mind and the only person that noticed a difference. What the reason is does not matter. I had a great day even if our digs were not great. That does not happen to me very often. We are here to win but I did find myself enjoying the day regardless.

We have a lot of time before Dibbs runs today so I took the truck up the mountain this morning so the dogs could run. We hiked up a bit to look for some Blues but did not have any luck. Note to self; you get tired hiking up steep slopes!


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