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Hunting & Hunt Tests!

Dexter & Mr. Tim showing off their beautiful Grouse that they got in the MI woods.

Dexter is a hard charging springer in the Grouse woods,

he makes me flinch every time I watch him.

Thank you Tim for sharing!

Have fun chasing those birds in the snow!


Dewars & Kent Pass Master Hunt Test!

Kent entered Dewars in his first Master test and passed!

Congratulations great teamwork!

Dewars is a Dudley x Dixie pup


Congratulations to Alice and Donnie on their 2 Senior Hunt Test Passes!

Great Job Y'all!

Congratulations to Broch and Donnie on their 2 Senior Advanced Hunt Test Passes!

Well Done!


Teach Your Dog To Be A Problem Solver!

If you train to a high expectation, you can get the dog to solve

problems and correct to provide the desired behavior.


Our Jan Training Seminar Sign Up Will Soon Be Closing!

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We can help you achieve your goals with your spaniel;

whether it be obedience, pheasant shoots, the dove field,

upland fields, grouse woods or competition.


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