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Judy 2nd Place in First Puppy Stake!

We did not have much luck in the Open Stake at the Souther Michigan field trial for English Springer Spaniels. Dudley was old man Dudley and self-hunted so we picked him up. Bonnie finished two series but was not called back to the third series. She showed some nice things in her second trial and had a very nice retrieve in difficult conditions but needs more experience. Alice had a very nice trial with two technical retrieves through barriers, a small moving bird and an honor on the centerline in the first series. In a crossing downwind in the second series, she had a real strong find and good retrieve on her first bird but lost her on her second bird as she took the running bird across the centerline. A good day of experience for her third trial but not ready yet. Judy saved the day in the Puppy Stake with three finds and retrieves, with two of the retrieves in the hedgerow. A good experience and 2nd Place for her first go!


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