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Ribbons & Puppy Play Day!!

Congratulations To Jeff & Gracie!!

Two Senior Hunt Test Passes

At The Southern Tier

Spaniel Hunt Test NY

We are so happy for Y'all!

Keep up the great work!

I guess all that back and forth to GA

has paid off!! LOL


Puppy Play Day!!

We Rented Some Kids!!

Donnie & Carolyn were very excited for the Grandbabies to come play with the Alice and Dixie puppies. Besides Alice is their dog and they also own a Dixie x Dibbs puppy.. OMG and they are getting another puppy!!

Thank you so much for letting the kids play with the puppies.

The Alice puppies go home Aug 28th & Dixie puppies go home Sept 4th.

Any questions regarding puppies email christina@craneyhill for further details. We will not be having any more litters this year...


"If you train to a high expectation, you can get the dog to solve problems and correct themselves to provide the desired behavior."

Todd Agnew


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