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Texas Field Trials & Longhorns!!

River Wins The Open At The SE TX Field Trial

Lucy Gets Third Place In The Open At The Houston TX Field Trial

New FC Title!!!

Congratulations Y'all!!!


Field trials in Texas are like returning home to spend time with family. Springer Ranch consists of many families who take care of each other and the ranch as a whole. The Ranch Family welcomes us from afar and opens their doors and homes to all of us. As the week of cocker and springer trials progresses, many lunches and suppers are spent together. Besides having a large open space for the kids to run around and be silly, they also have their beautiful longhorns. I remember not too long ago watching a baby be born in the field while the field trial was taking place nearby. This was a truly incredible moment!

Early in the week, it rained continuously as the creek rose and then fell and again rose and overflowed its banks. We were running the dogs in the field with water up to our knees during the pouring rain when we were told to pack up. We were told to make our way on the other side of the creek. After getting everyone together, we drove to the other side of the creek and completed the third series in the woods. This made for an excellent third series for us. It was River who won! The weather in Texas can be unpredictable when one travels down there for the trials. It could be hot, cold, iced over or pouring down rain. That does not seem to matter because we all make it work and keep on doing what we love. The Ranch family pulls together on the fly and we just keep moving forward. Y'all are wonderful and we appreciate everything that you do for all of us who attend your field trials. We love y'all!!!

We have always been fortunate to be able to run such amazing dogs in the field trials. However, here in Texas, the opportunity to run in the wetlands for the third series is very special.

There is no doubt that this is a fantastic area, but it can also be very challenging. However, coming back this year was quite different since the old dogs were not there. Besides Todd, who was the top old dog, there was no DJ, Dudley, Dibbs, or Riot present. While dogs come and go, they will never be forgotten in those special places and moments.


Enjoy some photos and videos!

Tanner The Owner Of River!!!

Congratulations to Amelia!!

Go USA!!

She is from Scotland and now is a US citizen.

Todd just had to get her this hockey jersey.

Thank you and see y'all down the road!!