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Tilly Wins CT Puppy & Poacher Heads To California!!!

We are so excited to share the news that Tilly won the

Central Connecticut FT Puppy Stake!!

Over The Moon Happy!!!


It is a pleasure to share a picture of Poacher with his new family, Ms. Laura and Mr. Jack.

It promises to be a thrilling journey for all in the months to come.

After recently losing their other springer to old age, which they had obtained from us back in 2010, they are now empty nesters. Laura had already decided that she wanted another springer from us, and they would wait until we found the right one. We decided ultimately that Poacher would be the best choice after exchanging many emails back and forth. There was then a phase of planning regarding how they were going to pick him up... Their home is in California! Well, they boarded a plane for Georgia, rented a car, and are currently driving back to California. The experience of seeing the many states in between and getting to know young Poacher has been very rewarding so far... We have been updated on their progress and so far things are going well..

Congratulations and Thank You Both!!


It is essential that you expose your dogs to a variety of cover in order for them to be able to find birds..


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