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We Provide Specialized Spaniel Training At Our Facility In Georgia & In Northern Michigan.

We offer specialized Spaniel field training at our facilities in Georgia and northern Michigan. Our training grounds provide an unlimited variety of cover, terrain, woods, and water. With all of this variety, we specialize in developing your English springer Spaniel or English cocker Spaniel.

Our development program for English springer Spaniels and English cocker Spaniels centers on developing well-behaved Spaniels for bird hunting, Spaniel field trials and Spaniel hunt tests. Our passion is developing a Spaniel that is comfortable at home, yet exciting and effective in the field. We want to work with clients that have the highest standards and expectations and are committed to achieving established goals. We can help you achieve your goals with your Spaniel; whether it be for pheasant shoots, dove fields, upland fields, grouse woods or competition.

We understand that each dog is unique, with its own strengths and weaknesses. Our development program is tailored to the individual needs of your dog, ensuring it receives the personalized attention it needs to excel in the field.

The climate in Georgia during the winter months offers an ideal environment for dogs to train and excel in their field skills. Our facility is located in a region that enjoys mild temperatures and favorable weather conditions, allowing for consistent training during the winter months. As part of our training program, we take all the dogs to the northern part of Michigan during the summer and fall months. As a result, the dogs are able to develop and train more effectively during these times, when the temperatures are cooler. Spaniels are our passion, and we strive to provide them with an ideal training environment. 

By choosing Craney Hill Kennel for your Spaniel's field training needs, you entrust your dog's development to experienced professionals who are passionate about Spaniel hunting. Contact us today to learn more about our training program and how we can get your Spaniel ready for a successful hunting or trial season.


springers with grouse

Dustin with his springer Copper

DJ springer high point


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